Learning in Different Ways

As I watched the Hackschooling makes me happy by Logan LaPlante TED talk I began to think about the education I received throughout elementary school to high school. I remember all the language arts classes that I sat through and I was completely bored. I wrote so many different research papers, but I wasn’t interested in the topics we had to write about. I felt like Logan LaPlante felt. Logan wanted to write about his passions. Once Logan got the chance to write about his interests is when he fell in love with writing.

I feel like schools do not allow creativity and exploration. Instructors set the boundaries for students, and the students are supposed to follow the guidelines. I am a student who doesn’t enjoy the art of writing. When I am given a specific topic, I struggle to find the words I need to write. Something that I am excited about in my digital literacy class is that I get the opportunity to write about things I want to write about. I am hoping that this class helps me believe in my writing and also that it inspires me to become a better writer.

Another point that I really loved in the Ted talk was the 8 Ways to Wellbeing. Logan talks about the eight ways to be happy and healthy. The eight ways to happiness and being healthy are exercise, relationships, giving back, spirituality, nature, recreation, relaxation, and nutrition. I decided to do some research on Dr. Roger Walsh to explore more about therapeutic lifestyle changes. Roger Walsh goes into detail about people with mental health issues and how they need to focus of the eight ways to wellbeing. Dr. Walsh believes that if people with mental health issues follow the eight ways to live a happier and healthier life that they have a better chance of overcoming depression, anxiety, and age related cognitive loss. I think that taking control of mental health is important in today’s day and age because of the increasing number of those affected.

While reading Centering on Essential Lenses – Bud the Teacher, I thought in depth about making, hacking, and playing. As I read the making section, all I could think about was the projects that I have made from Pinterest. Most of the time I just search “DIY Projects” and I find something that I would like to make! I am a hands on learner, so making projects was always my favorite part of school because that is how I learned.

Hacking has a bad connotation because of all the scams that have been pulled on people. But I really enjoy how both the Ted Talk and the blog from Bud Hunt defines hacking. When I think about a time I have hacked something, I think about moving to college and having roommates. At first it is hard to have roommates and be a good roommate. My roommate and I have hacked our way of living. We have decided that we are going to help clean the dorm and take turns buying essential items. This hack has helped us work together and live a happy college life!

The last focus of Bud Hunt’s blog was playing. I am very supportive of playing because I believe it enhances learning. I have been playing with technology lately as I am taking this class. I’ve never blogged before, so I am playing with the different settings and changing the themes. I am playing with the technology so I can find what is best for me.

Learning incorporates so many different aspects. Making, hacking, and playing are all ways of learning. Find a way the best suits you, and take off!


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2 thoughts on “Learning in Different Ways

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog post! It was packed full of relevant information and really summarized the article and the Ted Talk. I completely agree with you that teachers set boundaries and often do not let students explore their creative side. That is why I want to explore giving creative options to my students.


    1. I enjoyed blogging about this because I learned a lot about creativity in the classroom as well. I want to let my students explore and learn about topics that interest them. This way students will be engaged in learning. I can’t wait to become a teacher so I can make a difference in the lives of others! Thank you for your comment!

      Antonya Schaffert


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